Optical Express Laser Eye Surgery

I’ve been a glasses wearer for over 20 years as I’m short sighted. E.g. I need them to watch tv. When turned 18, I tried disposable contact lenses for the first time.

Due to the fact that I have an astigmatism and rugby shaped eye balls, my eyes don’t take very well to contact lenses. As technology progresses, I continue to trial daily disposable contact lenses every couple of years but have yet to find a comfortable pair which gives me as much comfort and clarity as my glasses.

I’m now at the point where I need to make a decision. Spend money on a new pair of glasses as the paint has started to chip on the frame, or go for laser eye surgery.

Although you can buy stylish glasses at an affordable price, I usually spend £400+ on a pair due to the frame, the ultra thin lenses and the various lense coatings . I figure that since they are on my face every day, it’s worth paying for. The only time my glasses come off my face is when I’m in the shower, sleeping or when taking blog photos. Unfortunately the anti-glare coating still gives a slight glare on photos as shown on my younger self below 🙁

Carol from petitestyleonline.com

I’ve considered getting laser eye surgery in the past but have yet to bite the bullet. I recently did some research on the internet on laser eye surgery and found that Optical Express is the UK’s number one laser eye surgery provider. Some of you may already be familiar with Optical Express as an Opticians. I have one in my local shopping centre.

Are you suitable for laser eye surgery?

On their website you can complete a quick test to see if you would be suitable for laser eye surgery. The good news is that I am! If money was no object I’d seriously consider the laser eye surgery.

Have you had laser eye surgery or would you ever consider the procedure?

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