Umbra Ring Holders
I recently stumbled upon the Umbra Ring Holders in my local BHS store in the UK.  They are also available in the US via

Although I don’t own a lot of rings, I do like to store them in view so that I can see what I have. I’d love to own 1, 2 or 3 of these cute ring holders. Well this is a wish list isn’t it?

Zoola Cat Ring Holder

umbra zoola cat ring holder


Zoola Elephant Ring Holder

umbra zoola elephant ring holder

Zoola Bunny Ring Holder

umbra zoola bunny ring holder

Zoola Duck Ring Holder

umbra zoola duck ring holder

Zoola Poodle Ring Holder

umbra zoola poodle ring holder

Which one of these ring holders is your favourite or would you need to have more than one?

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