Chamilia Petite Friendly Bracelets

I was doing some research on the internet the other day as I struggle to find bracelets to fit my petite wrists.

I stumbled upon H Samuel’s jewellery website and discovered that they stock Chamilia Bracelets which are petite friendly.  Image Source

The smallest size bracelet they offer is a mere 15.2 cm (5.9 inches) and you simply add on your favourite beads to create your own unique petite bracelet.

To ensure that the bracelet fits with the beads on, Chamilia recommends that you measure your wrists then add on an additional 2.5 cm (1 inch).  This means that if you have wrists which are 12.7cm (5 inches), you’ll be able to find a bracelet that fits!

How to determine your Chamilia Bracelet Size

My wrists measure 15 cm (6 inches) which means that my ideal bracelet length would be 17.5cm (6.9 inches).  Image Source

I prefer my bracelets to fit more snug on my wrist and would therefore go for the 17cm (6.7 inches) bracelet rather than the 18cm (7.1 inches) bracelet.

Designing your own bracelet gives you the opportunity to create a bracelet that’s unique to you. I prefer a minimalist jewellery look and would therefore choose the

Chamilia Silver Snap Bracelet

Chamilia silver snap bracelet and then add a couple of the Sserling silver plain spacers

Chamilia Sterling Silver Plain Spacer


and place the sterling silver & fuschia murano glass bead in the middle.

Chamilia Sterling Silver & Fushia Murano Glass Bead

I would change the glass bead for another bead in a different colour depending on the colour of my outfit that I’m wearing or simply add another bead.

I also love the leather bracelets and beads featured in the first image.  Depending on how adventurous you feel, you can stack as many together for a more fashion forward look.

So what do you think of the petite friendly Chamilia Bracelets?

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