As you flick through your favourite fashion magazine or scour the internet for a new dress/top/skirt/trouser (delete as appropriate) you’ll be bombarded with images of tall, skinny models.  The UK Association of Model Agents AMA website states that:

“In fashion modelling, girls should be at least 5ft 8ins tall (1.73cms) and more or less 34-24-34(86cm-61cm-86cm).” 

I have nothing against the models personally, as they are just doing their job.  However, what does irritate me is the fact that the fashion industry don’t seem to take petite women seriously.  Here’s my reasons why:

  • The majority of fashion clothes are designed for women who are 5ft 6ins or taller.  If you are petite (5ft 3ins or under), the odds of clothes fitting you without any alterations are against you.  At 5ft 1in I can vouch for this!
  • Over past 20 years, I admit that it has become easier to find petite sizes on the high street and online.  However, you first need to know who stocks petite clothing.  To help you find a petite stockist, I have created a Petite Stores page on this blog.  There are also stores out there who stock “petite friendly” clothes and I’ve created a page for these stores as well.
  • Petite ranges have historically been quite limited in terms of colours and style.  With retailers such as leading the way with petite fashions hopefully more retailers will start to offer a bigger range.
  • Why don’t petite retailers feature petite models wearing the petite range of clothes?  If you’re petite, you want to see how a petite item of clothing looks on a petite model rather than a tall model.  A skirt may look like a belt on a tall model but in reality, on a petite woman the skirt will come just above her knees!

So there we have it.  My rant on why the fashion industry is falling short.  I’d be interested to hear what makes your blood boil about the fashion industry.  Please leave your comments below.

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