Do you have small feet and struggle to find shoes to fit your petite feet? Here are some great places for petite women to buy petite shoes and petite boots from a UK Size 2 and upwards! High Street & Online Petite Shoe … [Read more...]

  If you have struggled to find petite boots in the past, I would recommend that that check out the following websites which stock petite ankle & knee length boots :-) UK Petite Boot … [Read more...]

Today I want to share with you some Petite Feet Style Tips: Do wear shoes that fit. If you struggle to find shoes to fit your petite feet in the UK click here.  If you live in the US, click here for petite shoe stores. Image Source Do wear … [Read more...]

Yesterday I wrote about where you can buy petite shoes from in the UK. As I have both UK and US readers, it's only fair that I cover where to buy petite shoes in the US. Here's a list of internet sites which offer stylish petite shoes in the … [Read more...]

Having broken my right ankle twice, I can no longer where high heels and struggle to find fashionable flat shoes to fit my petite feet. Enter Shoes of Prey.  They enable you to design your perfect shoes by selecting a shoe style, colours, heel … [Read more...]

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