I love wearing sleeveless dresses in the Summer, but find that I like some arm coverage for the rest of the year. I recently stumbled upon this Marks & Spencer Flatter Me™ Light Control Cupless Armwear Crop Top which would be ideal of popping … [Read more...]

With so much buzz around the BAFTA's and OSCARS petite Jessica Chastain has been getting her share of the limelight recently.  Image source: www.dailymail.com I love the above dress on her and managed to find some similar styles on the high … [Read more...]

If you're new year's resolution included getting fit, have a peek at the petite friendly stylish sportswear on offer at Marks & Spencer (M&S). Sports Bras are the foundation of your sportswear.  Whether you're a AA or DD it's essential … [Read more...]

Most fashion posts that you read on keeping warm relates to knitwear and layering.  However, I'd like to share with you another secret of keeping warm.  Wearing thermals.  If you suddenly conjure up images of old ladies wearing thermal underwear, I'm … [Read more...]

  Your underwear forms the foundation of your wardrobe.  I’ve seen so many women’s outfits ruined by wearing incorrect underwear. Whether you’re a size AA, DD or somewhere in between, wearing a correctly fitted bra will stop your … [Read more...]

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