Ensure that your tights/pantyhose & shoe colour matches. This helps elongates your legs making them look longer. My favourite destination for tights is Marks & Spencer. I’ve been buying their tights ever since I was a child and can highly … [Read more...]

To make your petite legs look longer, avoid shoes with ankle straps [Tweet this] If you usually wear shoes with ankle straps in order to help keep shoes on your feet, click on the below links to find out where you can buy petite shoes in the UK … [Read more...]

I've been thinking lately about writing an "Top 10 tips" style guide to accompany this blog.  The style guide would be free gift for readers who subscribe to my blog via e-mail.  I've brainstormed a few topics for this style guide I have 2 themes … [Read more...]

Avoid ankle straps on shoes The above shoes are gorgeous aren't they.  Unfortunately they will shorten your petite pins.  Why?  By creating a horizontal line across your ankles you are effectively making the eye travel across rather than continuing … [Read more...]

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