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Welcome to post number 3 on the Spring/Summer 2013 fashion trends:


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Tom Boy Shorts

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White clothing

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I hope you enjoyed the 3 posts on the Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends.

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed with what’s going to be in the shops.  Don’t fret as over the next few months, I’ll be writing posts on how to wear these Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends.

Which is your favourite Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trend from this post?

  • So…I am just now getting around to reading my January magazines and there hasn’t been all that many Spring trend reports. The best I got was top 5 trends in InStyle magazine, of which one was head to toe in monochromatic brights…interesting.

  • The spring trend reports usually come out in the February/March issues as January magazines are sold in December and are therefore a month behind. Vogue are usually the best magazine for trends 🙂

  • T.
  • I love stripes and the first look is my favorite!

  • epps all the floral print is just gorgeous.. mind boggling over the horse on the dress that’s insane!

    • I didn’t even notice the horse on dress!

  • I’m catching up on blog reading and love that you are posting spring trends! Loving the stripes b/c it’s also timeless.

    Red Soles and Red Wine

    • Thanks for your comment Jennifer. Stripes never go out of fashion 🙂

  • Great recap! My favorite spring trend is stripes. They are so versatile and classic.

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