Gambita is an international online store specialising in fashion-forward petite clothes. The petite clothing range includes a variety of tops, jeans, skirts and dresses.

I wanted to know more about Gambita so I had a virtual chat with its founder, Caroline Misan Alvo:

Caroline Misan Alvo from

1. What does Gambita mean?

Gambita literally means “little shrimp” in Spanish. I got this nickname from my husband and loved it because it was original and I couldn’t help but smile when I heard it.

A Gambita is someone who is 5’4” and under. A Gambita is also commonly referred to as Petite, Shorty, Shrimp, Vertically Challenged, Mini, Half-pint, Fun-size, Bite-size, Pint-size, Little One, Little Bit, Low Rider, Pipsqueak, Squeak, Peanut, Tiny, Thumbelina, Squirt, Small Fry, Smalls, Short Stack, Shorty Pants, Short Stuff, Shortstop, Shorty Mc Short Shorts (you get the picture…)

2. Why did you launch Gambita?

As someone who is 4’9”, I’ve always had a hard time shopping. I always assumed that my shopping issues were due to the fact that I was exceptionally short; however, after countless conversations with other petites, I realized that all petites faced similar challenges.

I started to do some research and realized that HALF the women in the US are petite, yet there were no retailers exclusively focused on this market. It therefore became my mission to create a store exclusively for petite women that not only made shopping a seamless process, but also served as a source of pride for petites!

3. How does your petite clothing range differ from other petite retailers?

Gambita Deanna Petite Maxi Dress

Gambita is better because it was created exclusively for the petite customer. Retailers that currently offer petite clothing provide much fewer petite options compared to their regular offerings.

Also these petite offerings tend to be geared toward an older demographic, are more conservative and are not appropriate or desirable for younger, fashion-forward women.

All clothing offered on Gambita will be carefully selected to ensure that it is “petite-friendly”. In the future we will also feature items that have been re-designed in petite proportions exclusively for Gambita.

4. What petite sizes do you offer?

Gambita Petite Tulip Skirt

Right now most of our items are standard US sizes (XS, S, M) but they have been screened to make sure they are “petite-friendly”. For example, we make sure that if we’re featuring a short dress, that that short dress will actually hit a petite girl above the knee.

As we all know, these standard sizes mean different things at different companies, so at Gambita we’ve tried to remedy this by being as clear in the product description as possible.

We always provide the length of the garment, guidance on fit, as well as recommendations on heights or body types that the garment works well on.

5. Which are top 3 favourite items from the collection?

Ah, this is such a hard question because I literally love everything in the store! But if I have to choose, I would go with:

Gambita Petite Ana Skirt

The Ana Skirt

Gambita Petite Ryder Shirt

The Ryder Shirt

Gambita Petite Emma Leggings

The Emma Legging

6. Who’s your favourite petite celebrity?

There are several petite celebrities I admire, but I would say Shakira is my absolute favorite. She just manages to look beautiful and confident whether she’s dressed for a fancy event or dancing barefoot on stage.

Petite Celebrity Shakira

Image Source

7. Would you be able to offer a discount for shopping at Gambita?


Yes, readers can receive 30% off all orders simply by visiting

and entering promo code: Gambita4PetiteStyleOnline at the checkout.

Gambita offers free shipping to the US and Canada. UK and other countries will receive free shipping for orders over $50.

Disclaimer: Payment was received for this sponsored post.

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