Heart Shirts

Forever 21 Heart Shirt (Left) vs J Crew Factory Printed Silk Two Pocket Blouse (Right)

What is difference between the 2 shirts?

I’ve seen the Forever 21 Heart Shirt modelled on 2 petite style bloggers:

Khatu from I Am Khatu

Read Khatu’s post here.

Khatu from http://iamkhatu.blogspot.co.uk

Cee from To Brighten Up My Day

Read Cee’s review of the Forever 21 Heart Shirt here.

Cee from http://tobrightenmyday.blogspot.co.uk

Would you spend or splurge?

  • Tanya

    On this one – splurge. Just from photos, I can tell alterations will be problematic on the Forever 21 shirt. The model in the picture, as is has sleeves that are long and have buttons on the ends (making the alteration costly). Also, while the coral/navy combo is great, the Jcrew shirt looks sharp in it’s construction (including pockets that won’t make the bust area look sloppy). It’s sharp in the heart pattern as well.

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