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OK, so you now know how to prepare for the sales and what to buy in the sales.  Today we’re going to focus on what to wear for the sales.  Here are my top tips:

1.  Wear flat comfortable shoes – You’ll be doing a lot of walking so wearing flat comfortable shoes is advisable.  This could be ballet pumps, loafers or a pair of converse trainers.  Whatever you do, don’t choose a sale shopping day to break in new shoes.

2.  Wear clothes that can you can easily change in and out of when you’re in the fitting room.  Also keep your jewellery to a minimum or you’ll be putting it on & off so many times or risk losing it in the fitting rooms.

3.  Carry an across the body bag – This will ensure that your hands are kept free when you’re having a good old rummage through the rails. Only keep your essentials in your bag to keep it light, otherwise you’ll end up walking like the hunch back of notre dame.

What will you be wearing for when sale shopping?

Tomorrow’s post will be about how to shop the sales.

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