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Following yesterday’s post on how to prepare for the sales, today we’re going to focus on what to buy in the sales.  Here are my top tips:

1.  Avoid buying on-trend pieces – The sales are designed to  get rid of these pieces in time for the next season.  The style may be in fashion now, but will it be around in 6 months time?  You have been warned!

2.  Buy classics – Classic pieces of clothing will never date or go out of fashion and will last you for many years.  E.g. Jeans and a blazer.

3.  Buy basics – The sales are the perfect time to stock up on basics such as white or black t-shirts.

4.  Buy items in neutrals colour – These items will go with more items in your wardrobe than coloured items.

5.  Buy accessories – Accessories are the easiest way to update your look and are affordable.  Think  scarves, necklaces, bags & shoes.

6.  Only buy if you love it madly or need it deeply.  Would you pay full price for it if you could afford it?

7.  Buy from high ends stores – Sale time is the perfect time to visit stores which you usually out of you budget, but are affordable in the sale.  This is wear you’ll find those classic pieces.

8.  Buy classic items in luxurious fabrics such as leather, cashmere and silk.  A cashmere coat, leather glove and silk scarf will last for years if you look after them.

What items are you planning on buying in the sales?  Please comment and share your ideas.

Tomorrow’s post will be about what to wear when sale shopping!

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