If you’ve been reading this blog over the past few days, you’ll now know how to prepare for the sales, what to buy in the sales and what to wear for the sales.  Today’s post will actually focus on how to shop the sales.  This year it seems that the Boxing Day sales have been brought forward.  In some stores, the sales have already started and they’ve named them the Winter Sales.

Before you hit the shops, here are a few tips on how to shop the sales:

1.  Shop either early in the morning or late in the day/evening.  It’ll be easier for you to spot your bargains and the queues for the changing rooms and tills will be shorter.  Whatever you do, avoid shopping at lunch time unless you like to be jostled around and enjoy being in queues.

2.  Check the size on the hanger matches the label inside the garment. Do this before you head to the changing rooms to save you time and hassle finding your size again.

3.  Does it fit in with what’s in your wardrobe and the way the live your life.  There’s no point in buying a dry clean only business suit with 70% off if you’re a stay at home mum with 3 kids.

4.  Is it versatile?  Does it go with more than 2 items in your wardrobe?  If not, leave it in the store.  For example, if you’re buying a top, will it go with your skinny jeans and black skirt?

5.  Try before you buy – Does it fit? If not don’t buy it!  It’ll end up hanging up in your wardrobe gathering dust!  If you’re thinking I’ll buy it now as I can’t be bothered to try it on in-store and return it later, beware of the long refund queues at the checkout the following week!

6.  Inspect the garment – Check the stitching, seams and lining in the fitting room to ensure that everything is OK.  There’s nothing worse than getting home to find that a button is missing and the item won’t sit right due to the stitching or that the lining is lower than your skirt hem.

7.  Check the refund policy – Some stores only offer an exchange only rather than a refund on sale goods.  Check how long  you  to return items?  Is it 7, 14 or 28 days?

8.  If the idea of sale shopping leaves you feeling exhausted, why not shop online instead?  Again the earlier the better.  This is my preferred method of shopping.


Source: studentrate.com via Carol on Pinterest



I hope you’ve found these sale shopping tips helpful. Happy sale shopping!  Let me know how you got on and what you’ve bought.

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