You may recognise Rachel Stevens from pop group S Club 7.  I received a tweet from Next over the weekend to say that Rachel will become the first celebrity face of the Next ‘Petites’  from January 2013.  Rachel’s 34  and is a mere 5ft 1″ .  She is a UK dress size 6-8 which makes her the perfect celebrity to show off the Next Petites range.

Upon hearing this news, I jumped onto Rachel’s Website  to find out more about the launch.  Here’s what she said about being petite:

“Being petite, I’ve always found it tricky to find clothes to fit well. The attention to detail in the cut is very important to ensure that clothes for smaller women are still very tailored. It’s great to be modelling for Next as the Petites range has been designed specifically with this in mind. They have a huge choice in the range, which means that I don’t miss out on the latest fashion because of my size.”

The Next petite sizes range from 6-18 to fit heights 4′ 11″ – 5′ 3″ .  I love the jacket shown above and look forward to trying it on.  Have you tried any petite clothes from Next?  If so, how do you find their petite sizing?

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