Although Christmas is only around the corner, now is the perfect time to think about the sales which will start on Boxing Day!

For a successful sale shopping trip I recommend the following tips:

1.  Take a look inside your wardrobe and work out what key pieces are you missing?  Add this to your shopping list.

Source: via Carol on Pinterest


2.  Whilst your having a good old rummage in your wardrobe, check to see which items need replacing such as jumpers which have bobbled, black tops which have faded etc.  Again, add these items onto your shopping list.

3.  Create a wish list of the items which you’d like.  What are you currently coveting? Surf your favourite clothing websites and create a wish list.

Don’t forget to visit any clothing websites which you love, but are usually out of your budget.  When sale time comes, you’ll find some most of these items will suddenly become affordable.  For example, I love clothes from Coast and Karen Millen but find them too expensive to buy at full price, so I  snap them up in the sales.

Why not add a Wish List or Currently Coveting Board onto your Pinterest account and refer back to this when the sales start.


Source: via Carol on Pinterest



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4.  Work out your budget and stick to it – In these economic times you’ve got to make your money work harder than usual so set a spending budget.  Doing your research will enable you to work out how much you’d like to spend vs how much you can afford to spend.

5.  If you’re planning to visit the stores on Boxing Day, check which stores are open and make a list of their opening times.  Also  prioritized the list in terms of your favourite shops, or the proximity of the stores in the shopping centre.  It’s best to shop as early as possible to get the best bargains.

Source: via Carol on Pinterest

This is the first post in a series of 4 posts designed to help you get the best from the sales.

Tomorrow’s post will cover what’s worth buying in the sales.

Do you have any pre-sale tips that you can share with your fellow readers?

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