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Firstly I want to say a big thank you to everyone who’s started to follow me on Pinterest.  If you haven’t done so already you can do this by simply clicking here.

Each week I plan to share with you 5 Pinterest tips that I’ve learned as part of the challenge, so here goes:

Tip #1 – Upgrade your Pinterest account to a Pinterest Business Account

Pinterest Business Account

This will enable you to gain analytics tools for your Pinterest Account.

Tip#2 – Make sure you assign a category to each pin board.

Pinterest Category

Categories help Pinterest readers your pins and ultimately find your blog.  The majority of my pins are categorised into”Women’s Fashion”.

Tip #3 – Create a “Quotes” Pin Board.

Style Quotes on Pinterest

So far, images from this boards gets the most number of re-pins and comments.

Tip #4 – Add your own website address to each pin you pin or re-pin. on pinterest

By adding your website address, this allows your Pinterest readers to see who pinned or re-pinned an image.

Tip #5 – Follow other people on Pinterest who are in your niche.

Follow other people in your niche on Pinterest

Doing this will enable you to build a relationship with your fellow peers and readers.

Are you a fan of Pinterest?

If you have any tips that you would like to share with your fellow readers, please leave a comment below.

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