Petite Style Tip

Wear fitted clothes rather than baggy clothes.

By wearing baggy clothes, you are making yourself appear even smaller than you are.

Fitted clothes should skim your body rather than hug your body.

For example here’s a photo of my favourite petite blogger Wendy from

The dress fits Wendy perfectly and skims her petite frame.

Wendyslookbook Hugo Boss Sequin Dress

Image Source

Here’s another photo of Wendy, but this time in a baggy dress:

Wendyslookbook Cheetah Dress

Image Source

Where did her lovely figure go?  Unfortunately the dress is too baggy for her petite frame.

  • Eva Synnergren

    Hi Carol, It seems fitted clothing is the answer to many body shapes. I saw another example of an much larger woman – with fitted vs baggy clothes. It was exactly the same – the fitted was the best.

    • carolli28

      I agree Eva. Fitted clothes look much better on all body shapes. Women forget that fitted doesn’t mean clingy.

  • Margaret Heisworkingitout Reed

    That first dress is sharp I would love to have it!

    • carolli28

      Me too!

  • Remy Cruz

    I never wear baggy clothes, I know what really goes with my height I’m 5’8 and believe it or not sometimes it’s hard to find nice clothes for me too.

    • carolli28

      Thanks for commenting Remy!

  • Lorelle Mac

    The fitted one does look much nicer, Whatever your size it’s nice to have some shape

    • carolli28

      Thanks for commenting Lorelle 🙂

    • I concur Lorelle!

      • Lorelle Mac

        But I must admit baggy is good for slouching around the house in

  • The first picture is lovely, she shows that a petine woman can be as beautiful as the tallest model, if she knows some good tips!

  • Delia @ Blog Formatting

    The first pic is the best of course! Never thought of this until you showed the clear difference with the 2 photos! Nice trick 🙂

  • Phoebe Thomas

    I think you’re right and agree with all the other comments but I think Wendy still looks fab in the 2nd picture

    • Thanks for commenting Phobe. Wendy is gorgeous and will look good in everything!

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