Petite Feet Style Tips

Today I want to share with you some Petite Feet Style Tips:

Do wear shoes that fit.

If you struggle to find shoes to fit your petite feet in the UK click here.  If you live in the US, click here for petite shoe stores.

Image Source

Do wear skin coloured shoes to make your legs look longer.

LK Bennett Sledge Patent Leather Court Shoe

Image Source

Do wear shoes that are low at the front.  If you’re brave enough, show a little bit of toe cleavage!

Toe Cleavage

Image Source

Don’t wear heels that are too high.

It’ll look like you’re trying too hard. Click here to watch 2 style videos on how to walk in high heels 🙂

Steve Madden Deeva SM Rhinestone Encrusted Platform Court Shoes , Champagne

Image Source

Don’t wear shoes with ankle straps.

They’ll make your legs look shorter.

Ankle Strap Shoes

Image Source

Don’t wear chunky heels.

They will just make your feet look even smaller.

Chunky Heels

Image Source

To help spread the word on Petite Fashion Week, I’d love for you to hash tag #petitefashionweek on twitter.  To do this, simply [click here].

  • Patricia Watts @ APP

    Hello there!! I am looking forward to writing my post for Petite Fashion Week tomorrow. I was enjoying reading your post about the do’s and don’t of footwear for petites and I was happily surprised to see that you included the LK Bennett “Sledge” in Taupe as an example of a petite footwear DO. I am very familiar with these shoes as they are worn often by Her Royal Highness, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Hope you’ll stop by tomorrow.

    • Rhea

      Gosh finally someone who uses her royal title. The magazines and media in the U.S. don’t and it’s infuriating!

      • Patricia Watts @ APP

        I know! It’s really not that hard to take an extra minute to type her proper title

    • Just been over to your site and comment Trisha 🙂

  • Seana Turner

    This would be the first and only post I’ve ever seen for petite feet people! I wear a US women’s 5 narrow – an awful size to fit. I order most of my shoes online as the only shoes in stores that fit me typically have sparkles or Smurfs:)

    • Patricia Watts @ APP

      Seana, you forget the one other option…that high shine black “patent leather” plastic style with a huge bow on the shoe…I really sympathize as I wear somewhere between a child’s 3 1/2 and a women’s 5 depending on the style and the swelling in my feet

      • I love wearing black patent shoes, although I steer clear of the bows for obvious reasons. Hehe!

      • Seana Turner

        Yes, yes Patricia! Glad to know I’m not the only adult out there trying to make it work. Remember the day when a ladies 5 was the sample size? Sigh….

        • Patricia Watts @ APP

          I’m afraid I don’t remember those days but I have friends that do! I am just really fortunate that my blogging allows me to work from home in the comfort of fuzzy socks most days…right now I am on the hunt for a pair of booties that I can slip on and off that are cute but won’t break the bank so that I can have them in black and brown

    • I agree Seana, there are very few posts on petite feet which is why I felt compelled to write about it. Your comments on sparkles and smurfs made me smile 🙂

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