Petite Celebrity Fergie from Black Eye Peas

Fergie was recently spotted wearing the above red sequined mini dress whilst attending the Cell  Phones For Soldiers Voli Light Vodka Party at the SkyBar in Hollywood.

At 5’2″ she clearly know how to dress for her petite figure by adhering to the following petite style tips:

1.  Show your legs off but cover your cleavage.  This is style tip to follow regardless of how tall you are.

2.  Ensure that your dress fits & skims your curves.

3.  Choose items with vertical detail to make you look taller.  In this case, you can see the vertical/diagonal detailing on her dress.

4.  Wear shoes with a low vamp which creates a U or V.

5.  Show toe cleavage (only if you’re comfortable with this look).

6.  Wear high heels to elongate the leg.

I don’t know whether Fergie has a personal stylist (I suspect she does)  but she gets 10/10 style marks from me!

What do you think of this look?

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  • I thought fergie was like 5-6 so this is news to me! Def she looks tall, my other petite style icon is eva longoria.

    • Fergie is only little like us. I also love Eva Longoria. She’s my favourite petite celebrity!

  • But she looks very top heavy and unproportional

    • In response to you comment, Fergie has wider shoulder, a good bust but slim hips so she will always look top heavy as this is her body shape. By showing off her legs she is taking attention away from the top half of her body.

      You may disagree with my views but that’s OK as everyone is entitled to their own view and blogs are great for sharing and commenting.

    • Thanks for your comment Rakhshanda!

  • Jen

    These are fantastic tips and I didn’t know Fergie was 5’2″! I love the dress.

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  • love it fergie looks fantastic! and i didn’t know she was only 5’2 that’s amazing! she looks much taller!

    • Thanks for your comments Lisa. Celebrities often look taller than they are in real life 🙂

  • I had no idea that Fergie was petite! She always looked at least 5’5″ to me – just goes to show that she knows how to dress herself taller 🙂

    • I didn’t know she was petite until I did some research on petite celebrities and then I had to check the information twice to make sure it was right!

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