Being petite doesn’t mean that you are restricted to shopping in the petite section.  There are a lot of stores who offer non petite clothes starting from a size 6.  For more details visit the Petite Friendly Brands page.owever to ensure a good fit … [Read more...]

Do you struggle to find clothes to fit your petite frame?  I’d be interested to know what alterations you make to your clothes?  Multiple answers are allowed :-) … [Read more...]

Scarlett Johansson was recently spotted wearing the above outfit at the  Tod's party during Paris Fashion Week on Monday.  At 5ft 3", this Christian Dior dress fitted her hourglass figure perfectly.  She complimented the outfit with a simple black … [Read more...]

It’s a personal question I know.  But there’s a reason why I’m asking this.  The purpose of this blog is to help petite women find clothes that flatter & fit.  By knowing your dress size, I can tailor the blog posts and clothing recommendations … [Read more...]

The short answer (pardon the pun) is that if you are 5ft 3ins or under (160cm or less), according to the UK fashion industry you are petite.  Being petite is defined by your height rather than by your weight or dress size. If you’re reading this … [Read more...]

As you flick through your favourite fashion magazine or scour the internet for a new dress/top/skirt/trouser (delete as appropriate) you’ll be bombarded with images of tall, skinny models.  The UK Association of Model Agents AMA website states … [Read more...]

  Your underwear forms the foundation of your wardrobe.  I’ve seen so many women’s outfits ruined by wearing incorrect underwear. Whether you’re a size AA, DD or somewhere in between, wearing a correctly fitted bra will stop your … [Read more...]

You might recognise Chelsee Healey from watching Strictly Come Dancing and Waterloo Road on TV.  At only 5 ft 1½” she’s struggling to pull off this outfit at the Inside Soap Awards which took place this Monday.  Here are my reasons: Wearing … [Read more...]

Welcome to the very first blog post, written by a petite for petites. Have you ever been into a clothing store and found that the smallest size is still too big? Do you often find that sleeves on tops and jackets are too way long? Are you … [Read more...]

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