In the build up to moving to my new home, I realized that I needed to declutter my belongings so that I only take items that I need and love.  Image source

In an effort to do this, I started reading an organizing blog by Alejandra Costello from

Within her blog , Alejandra posts lots of YouTube videos on how to organize your home.  I saw one of her organising videos and I was hooked on her YouTube Channel.  I spent hours upon hours watching 100+ organising videos.

Here’s a video of Alejandra’s home tour showing how organised she is:

I love her organisation style so much that I have enrolled in Alejandra’s Power Productivity Program.

The Program teaches you not only how to organize your home, but also teaches some great time management techniques.  I’m currently working through the program and watching even more organizing videos!  Image source

If like me you you’d love to be more organized, I’d highly recommend that you head over to to sign up for her free video series.

Do you currently read any organizing blogs?  If so, I’d love to know which one is your favourite.

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