New Look Petite Collection

New Look has always been a great place to visit if you wanted a pair of jeans in a 28” inch leg length. The good news is that they have now expanded their collection to include a petite range!

The New Look Petite range includes a total of 160 petite products such as t-shirts, tops, dresses, skirts, leggings and jeans.  They are all designed to fit women who are 5’3 or under and sizes start from a UK Size 6 and go up to a Size 18.

As you would expect from a petite range, the styles have been adjusted proportionally to fit a smaller frame.  For example, sleeves have been shortened to fit your petite arms, and hems on dresses have been shortened so that they sit nicely above the knee.

Here are some of my favourite products from the New Look petite range:

Petite Teal ¾ Sleeve Bodycon Mini Dress

New Look Petite Teal Body Con Dress

This dress would make a great addition to your autumn/winter wardrobe.  Simply add a belt or a statement necklace to change the look.

Petite Black Tie Front Maxi Dress

New Look Petite Black Maxi Dress

If you’re on the hunt for a petite black maxi dress, why not give this one a try.  There’s nothing worse than wearing maxi dress that’s too long for your petite frame.  This maxi dress has been specially shortened so that it won’t trial on the floor.

Petite Black Longline Biker Coat

New Look Petite Black Longline Biker Jacket

As the weather starts to get colder, it’s time to start thinking about wrapping up. Being petite means that getting a coat to fit correctly can be a nightmare.  I’m so pleased to see a petite coat in this range.  I love the zip detail on this coat and the fact that it can be worn casually with a top and leggings, or with a top & skirt or dress for work.

Petite Fisherman Knit Ribbed Jumper

New Look Petite Fisherman Jumper

Knitwear is one of those items which just can’t be altered, so it’s good to see that New Look has included a petite jumper in the range. Available in 3 colours; grey, cream and navy mix, it’ll keep you cosy and warm.  Ooh, decision, decisions, which one should I go for?

Which is your favourite product from the New Look Petite Collection?

  • Project Petite

    I love that coat! I am surprised by how nice there petite stuff is. Shame there isn’t more selection!

    • The New Look Petite Collection is quite extensive. When I first looked on their website for petite clothes, I made the mistake of searching under the “What’s New” Tab. If you search under the “Women” Tab under “Petite”, there’s a much bigger range. Here’s a link for easy reference:

  • roknnagd

    I love that coat! I am surprised by how nice there petite stuff is. Shame there isn’t more selection!


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  • ‫محمد عثمان‬‎

    very good style

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