Happy Friday!

Regular readers of this petite style blog will know that I usually post 2  blog on Friday highlighting discount codes for petite stores/brands over the weekend.

However, I’ll be off on my holidays tomorrow and wanted to let you know that there won’t be any discount codes today or the following Friday.

As an interim, UK readers may wish to visit www.moneysavingexpert.com to view the lastest promotional codes.

US readers may wish to visit www.alterationsneeded.com to obtain some promo codes.

The good news is that I’ve been busy beavering away this week writing 3 additonal posts which will be featured on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of next week.

If you haven’t guessed already from the above photo, I’m off skiing.  My other half and I are staying in a ski resort called Tignes Les Brevieres in France for 1 week.

Last time I went to Tignes, I had a ski accident and dislocated my left shoulder.  Luckily no one else was hurt.  Fingers crossed, I’ll come back without any injuries this time!

Most people normally wear colourful ski gear when skiing, however I opted for the black ski ninja look.

The main reason behind for this is that when I got my first ski jacket 5 years ago, the only jacket I could get to fit my petite frame was The North Face Duck Down Greenland Jacketin XS.  The fur hood trim is detachable.

I did try on the girl’s Greenland Jacket in XL but it was too short in the sleeves & body 🙁

The salopettes (ski pants) which I’m wearing are from Trespass.  They are a girl’s age 15/16 years old.

The downside of wearing black on the slopes is that it’s hard for my other half to find me if we lose each other.

However, since both items are black, I can be regularly seen wearing The  North Face Greenland Jacket when it’s cold outside in the UK or when walking in the rain in the Lake District.  

I’ve already worn my Trespass salopettes this year due to the snowy weather we’ve been having recently.

If you’re looking for petite friendly outdoor clothing, I can highly recommend The North Face brand for petite jackets, gilets, fleeces and walking trousers in a short length.

Do you have any The North Face items in your wardrobe?


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