Petite Style Tip - How to make your legs look longer

To make your petite legs look longer, avoid shoes with ankle straps [Tweet this]

If you usually wear shoes with ankle straps in order to help keep shoes on your feet, click on the below links to find out where you can buy petite shoes in the UK and US.

UK Petite Shoes

US Petite Shoes

  • Phoebe Thomas

    I’ve been told this tip before and I can see the reason in it but I do like ankle straps, and my legs aren’t that long! Dilemma, what to do?!!!

    • I would recommend 1 of the following: (1) wear a shorter hem on your skirt/dress. (2) Wear shorts if you have the confidence and legs for it (3) wear high waisted skirts or trousers to create the illusion of longer legs (3) Wear skin coloured shoes with skin coloured ankle straps. I hope this helps 🙂

  • Great tip 🙂 I never wear open shoes, so I don’t have to think of the strap. But it’ a good thing to remember for those who do

    • Thanks for commenting Linda 🙂

  • Lorelle Mac

    I don’t fit the petite range but I enjoy reading your tips, I think of them in relation to my own size and what would work for me

    • Hi Lorelle. A lot of the petite tips that I suggest are suitable for non petites. For example, who doesn’t want longer legs!

  • Emily J Wilke

    Great tip! I will definitely be coming back for more fashion tips. I wish sometimes I wore heels more often.

  • Margaret Heisworkingitout Reed

    Great tip, never thought of that…I live shoes with ankle straps.

    • You’re welcome Margaret 🙂

  • Eva Synnergren

    Great tip.

  • Jacqueline Jordan

    That is a good tip, the strap breaks the line. Sometimes it is just a little change that can make a big difference 🙂 Shared on Twitter.

    • Thanks for commenting & sharing on Twitter 🙂

  • Lisa Mallis

    Great tip! Though I’m 5’8″, I’m always looking for ways to look taller!!!!

  • Busy Mom Monologue

    Great tip! However, I’m 5’8 and when I go out with my husband, he just hate that I always look taller than him!

  • Delia @ Blog Formatting

    Very good tip, Carol, I have not thought of it 🙂

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