Petite Style Tip #3 How to look taller

Draw attention to your face rather than your feet.

By keeping attention towards your face, you are stopping the eye from travelling down, thus making you look taller.  Here are 10 ways to achieve this:

  1. Wear colourful tops, blouses, jackets and coats
  2. Wear patterns on the top half of your body
  3. Wear clothes which details on the shoulders or collar
  4. Wear a scarf
  5. Wear a brooch
  6. Wear earrings
  7. Wear a necklace
  8. Ensure your make up is well applied
  9. Ensure that your hair and eyebrows are groomed.
  10. Opt for hairstyles with height at the top.

If you’re a pear shape (narrow shoulders/wide hips) you can also use the above tips to take attention away from the bottom half of your body!

Want more petite style tips?  There will be another one next Wednesday 🙂

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