Dainty Wrist Jewelry Petite Bracelets

If you’re petite and have small wrists, it can be hard to find bracelets to fit.

Dainty Wrist Jewelry is an online international jewelry boutique that offers handcrafted artisan bracelets and fashion bracelets, all specially made to fit small wrists.

Their collection of small wrist jewelry includes watches, leather bracelets, charm bracelets, beaded bracelets, bangles, cuff bracelets, wrap bracelets and more.

Prices start from as little as $6 and free shipping is available in the US. Dainty Wrist Jewelry also ships to most international destinations including the UK.

Here are some of my favorite petite bracelets made specially for petite women like you and me:

Silver Cuff With Gold Sparkle Accents

Dainty Wrist Jewelry Silver Cuff with Gold Sparklet Accents Petite Bracelet

Three Strand Copper Wave Cuff Bracelet

Dainty Wrist Jewelry Three Strand Copper Wave Cuff Petite Bracelet

Gold Filled Multi Textured Bangles Bracelet

Dainty Wrist Jewelry Gold Filled Multi Textured Petite Bangles Bracelet

Emerald Beaded Heart Charm Bracelet

Dainty Wrist Jewlery Emerald Beaded Heart Charm Bracelet

Coral Toned Jeweled Layered Cuff

Dainty Wrist Jewelry Coral Toned Jeweled Layer Cuff Petite Bracelet

Bohemian Pink Threaded Bracelet

Dainty Wrist Jewelry Bohemian Pink Threaded Petite Bracelet

All of the above items are suitable if your wrists measure between 5 to 6 inches. Here’s a little tutorial for you to try to ensure a great fit.

FOR BRACELETS: Wrap a soft measuring tape around your wrist above the wrist bone snugly, but not tight. (where you wear a watch) If it measures between 5 and 6 inches they will fit.

Dainty Wrist Bracelet Fit

FOR BANGLES: Close your fingers together as pictured below. Pretend you are putting on a bangle. Using a soft measuring tape, wrap it snugly around the widest part of your hand, including the thumb joint and your knuckles.

Dainty Wrist Bangle Fit

If it measures 6 3/4 = small (bangle is 2 3/8 in diameter)
If it measures 6 1/2 = extra small (bangle is 2 1/4 inch in diameter)

Which is your favorite petite bracelet from Dainty Wrist Jewelry? Simply leave a comment below.

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