Can you believe that this blog is nearly 10 months old?  I don't know about you but I find that as I get older, time goes by faster! I'd love to know what you would like to see more of on this blog.  For example, I've received a few emails … [Read more...]

I've been thinking lately about writing an "Top 10 tips" style guide to accompany this blog.  The style guide would be free gift for readers who subscribe to my blog via e-mail.  I've brainstormed a few topics for this style guide I have 2 themes … [Read more...]

  As you are aware, the purpose of this blog is to help petite women who are 5'3" & under to find stylish clothes that flatters and fits. To ensure that your clothes flatter and  fit, you need to understand how to flatter your … [Read more...]

Being petite, your answer is probably all of it!  However, I’d particularly like to know which area one of your wardrobe you struggle with the most.  By knowing this, I can tailor the blog posts and clothing recommendations to suit you.  If you can’t … [Read more...]

Do you struggle to find clothes to fit your petite frame?  I’d be interested to know what alterations you make to your clothes?  Multiple answers are allowed :-) … [Read more...]

It’s a personal question I know.  But there’s a reason why I’m asking this.  The purpose of this blog is to help petite women find clothes that flatter & fit.  By knowing your dress size, I can tailor the blog posts and clothing recommendations … [Read more...]

The short answer (pardon the pun) is that if you are 5ft 3ins or under (160cm or less), according to the UK fashion industry you are petite.  Being petite is defined by your height rather than by your weight or dress size. If you’re reading this … [Read more...]

Welcome to the very first blog post, written by a petite for petites. Have you ever been into a clothing store and found that the smallest size is still too big? Do you often find that sleeves on tops and jackets are too way long? Are you … [Read more...]

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