Welcome back to part 2 of the Autumn Winter 2013 Fashion Trends.  If you missed the Part 1 or would like a recap it can be found here. Without further ado, here are some more Autumn Winter 2013 Fashion Trends as featured on … [Read more...]

One of my most popular blog posts was around the Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Trends, so it's only natural that I will blog about the Autumn/Winter 2013 Fashion Trends. Here's Part 1 of Autumn Winter Fashion Trends as featured on the Vogue … [Read more...]

Monochrome is one of the key trends for Spring/Summer 2013 and it's also one of the easiest trends to adopt. You simply need to team black items with white or ivory items. The key to wearing monochrome is to ensure that you wear black on the area … [Read more...]

Source: localspotter.com via Carol on Pinterest   Welcome to post number 3 on the Spring/Summer 2013 fashion trends: Stripes Source: fabsugar.com via Carol on Pinterest   Tom Boy Shorts Source: fabsugar.com via … [Read more...]

Image Source I hope you enjoyed yesterday's post on the Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends.  Here's the second post featuring some great styles: Mesh detail Image Source Metallics Image source  Neon colours Image source Oriental … [Read more...]

As it's officially 2013, I thought I'd write a post on the up and coming Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends. Image Source As there are so many trends to cover, I have split the Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends over 3 posts to ensure that each post … [Read more...]

Source: pantone.com via Carol on Pinterest   As 2013 is just around the corner, it's time to look at some of the colour trends that will appear for Spring/Summer 2013. The above images gives you an idea of the colours that we will see … [Read more...]

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